We’ve all heard the saying “Art Imitates Life.” I think that’s a very true statement no matter what the art or what the medium.  All art is really from nature and so as artists we’re really just trying to imitating the handiwork of God, the original artist.

When jewelry is art, I think we can continue the imagery and say that jewelry imitates life as well.  That’s what I try to accomplish in my jewelry.  It gives the piece meaning for me.  And it never ceases to amaze me when one of my pieces resonates with someone so much they HAVE to purchase it.

I love this little pendant for a number of reasons.  It really is a bald face expression of jewelry as art because I set the incredible chrysocolla cab on an easel (albeit an upside down easel) to display the colors and patterns in the stone.

I used a small carnelian cab to accent the browns and oranges in the chrysocolla.  It tends to help your eye see the other colors in the chrysocolla besides just the blue, and I think that’s important in our busy world.  So often we pass over so much beauty because we’re in such a rush and under so much pressure that we miss the nuances around us. We all need a little help sometimes.  To paraphrase Louis L ’Amour “Many people look, but few people see.”

Don’t let that be you. I know it’s a cliché, but stop and smell the roses. Go to a gallery. Take time to notice things in your daily routes and routines. We only go around once in this life, so make the most of every moment.  Try to add as much beauty as you can. Look for that special piece that speaks to you.

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