Ahh, spring, and a young man’s thoughts turn to…jewelry!  Actually, my thoughts pretty much always turn to jewelry.  I’m forever looking for inspiration for a new piece or technique.  I’m draw to uniqueness, whether in jewelry, painting, sculpture, or nature itself.

We always think of Spring as the season of new life, new beginnings, just like we think of the new year as a time of fresh starts.  While all of this it true, these dates and times are really just markers we’ve collectively made up to help us with the passage of time.  In reality, every day is a new beginning; every day is a fresh start.  When you start to live your life with those thoughts in mind, you will have a more productive day, week, year, life.

Science has proven what the ancients have always known: “A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance.”  In other words, seeing your glass as half full, not half empty will lengthen your life, make you healthier, and you will enjoy your days more.

What does that say to you? To me it says ‘do stuff you enjoy.’  For me, that’s making jewelry.  I can get lost in it.  It’s what’s called “flow” when you lose all track of time in an activity and you don’t care.

So where do you flow?  What newness can you bring into your life today?  The benefits are undeniable, incalculable, and will spill over into every area of your life and to those around you. So what are you waiting for? Start today, right now.

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