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Artist Jeff FulkersonJeff Fulkerson started making jewelry at the age of sixteen, when turquoise was just becoming a hot item. He had been a model-building prodigy from the age of five, and when he saw his cousin wearing a Navajo bracelet, he went to the workshop and taught himself to craft silver. The first ring he ever made was quickly sold, and thus began a lifelong passion for making people (and outfits) look fantastic.

Jeff says, "The first rule of jewelry is that it shouldn’t hurt. If it isn't comfortable to wear, why bother? The second is that you should be able to accentuate an evening gown or a pair of jeans with the same piece of jewelry. My style is versatile, bold, and unique."

He lights up when talking about the matrix inside of a Tiffany Stone or a piece of Variscite. A master of inlay and design, he refers to intarsia as "painting with rocks." His silverwork is all self-taught, and he learned inlay from the best in the world: Richard Tsosie, Michael Cheatham, and Jesse Monongye. His work is more spirited than 'fine' jewelry, more intricate and sophisticated than something manufactured. It is a deep, soul-wrenched achievement of metal, stone, and fire that pulls together to create something unlike any other.

"I call it Art Jewelry- it's as unique as you are."

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